Japanese Phrases - Basic

Do you understand English? Eigo ga wakarimasu ka?
I don't understand Japanese. Nihongo ga wakarimasen.
How do you do. Hajimemashite.
How are you? Genki desu ka?
I'm very well. Genki desu.
I'm honored to meet you. Ome ni kakarete kōei desu.
I am English/American. Watashi wa Igirisujin/Amerikajin desu.
I am not a hooligan. Watashi wa hūrigan ja nain desu yo.
Please don't arrest me. Watashi o taiho shinaide kudasai.
Thank you. Dômo arigatō.
I'm sorry. Gomen nasai / Sumimasen.
Excuse me. Sumimasen / Shitsurei shimasu.
I don't mind. Ii desu yo.
Oh, I see. Ah, sō desu ka.
No thank you. Iie, kekkō desu.
Let's go. Ikimashō.
Just a moment please. Chotto matte kudasai.
Soon Mō sugu desu
Now Ima
Later Ato de
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